Indoor Dog House for Sale

If you have a big dog and he lives on the street, he just needs a large outdoor heated dog house for shelter from the cold, wind, scorching sun and snow..

A doghouse made of wood is the best solution. This material will not harm the health of your four-legged friend and will protect him from the weather.

Dog kennels made of wood are durable products that can last for many years and become a cozy place to relax the animal.

How to choose a house for a dog?

To correctly choose and buy a dog house, you need to consider the parameters of the pet. The dog should freely enter his house and turn around easily. When determining the appropriate building size, remember:

  • the height of the dog house is the height of the four-legged friend
  • width is the size from the tail to the tip of the nose of the animal
  • the width of the hole is the width of the dog’s chest.

But so that he is not cramped, make an allowance of at least 5 cm.

All dogs can be divided into 3 groups: small, medium and large breeds. Depending on which group your pet belongs to, the dimensions of the kennel are determined.

A dog house for a small dog.

Optimal sizes:

  • width – 2.3 feet
  • height – 1.8 feet
  • depth is 2 feet.

This type is suitable for the following breeds: dachshund, pug, Yorkshire terrier, Pekingese, chihuahua, French bulldog, poodle, Maltese lapdog, beagle, dwarf pincher, Pomeranian spitz and other breeds.

Boxes for dogs of medium breeds. Optimal product parameters:

  • width – 3.77 feet
  • height – 2.66 feet
  • depth – 2.66 feet

Suitable for the following breeds: boxer, chow chow, labrador, Irish terrier, rottweiler, german shepherd, a husky, English shepherd, bull terrier, English bulldog, etc.

A dog house for a big dog. Optimum building dimensions:

  • width – 4.6 feet
  • height – 3.11 feet
  • depth – 3.11 feet

Such a dog house is suitable for a large dog of the following breeds: Moscow Watchdog, Herder Sheepdog, Alabai, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Beauceron, Picardy, Doberman, Caucasian, South Russian, Pyrenean and Belgian Shepherd, as well as other breeds.

How to choose a dog house by type of wool

Medium and short-haired pets need to buy a dog house with insulation – special thermal insulation that will warm the animal in the cold season. It is better to place the dog hole for the dog on the side of the kennel so that your four-legged friend has a space closed from the cold.

If there is often a strong wind in your area, you can buy a dog box inexpensively with a “hallway”: a widened house with two compartments separated by a partition.

The manhole in the hallway or the first room is made from the yard, and the manhole in the second room is located closer to the rear wall of the structure. In no case place the kennel in the area blown by the winds and in the sun.

What materials should be

The materials that need to be used in the production of animal houses undergo thorough quality control, they are environmentally friendly and comply with building codes.

External material – processed wood for walls and floors. The roof is covered with protective material, such as tiles. The roof can be flat, on which the dog will rest, or gable in the same style as other outbuildings on the site. The design should be quite strong to support the weight of snow and wind gusts, as well as the weight of the animal itself.

It is best that the kennel is collapsible for easy cleaning and disinfection. The roof or the base of the structure itself can be removable. At the request of the client, interior decoration can be performed with the help of a polished board, parquet, etc.

How much does a dog house cost?

The price depends on several parameters: the size of the structure, roof covering, the presence of insulation and interior decoration, wood species and the originality of the product. All this must be taken into account when ordering products.

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