IPVanish Review

The company claims to have the world’s best VPN services in the world. Is their claim right or is it just a marketing tactic? Today, we are going to do an in-depth IPVanish review. This IPVanish review is going to test the company’s claim of having the best VPN services in the world.

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish review is a standout amongst the best VPN services accessible, and keeping in mind that it might be expensive, it additionally offers many highlights and permits P2P document sharing on the entirety of its servers. IPVanish is an amazingly famous VPN and in light of current circumstances. Built up in 2014, IPVanish offers precisely what you need in a VPN.

While they have a bounty of supports and sponsorships and offer an honest highlight the rich item, the inquiry remains, “Would they be able to satisfy their very own promotion?”

IPVanish VPN Overview

IPVanish provides a higher speed of usage, and their 24/7 active chat support can help you regarding every issue. There are all the features included in this VPN software but it is not the best VPN in the world. There are some major issues about the protection provided by IPVanish. They don’t have thousands of servers all over the world like other famous brands in the market. So, you are never that secure as you are expecting from any best VPN services provider.

Faster Download and Upload Speed

Most of the VPNs provide very well downloading and uploading speed, but still, it is never good as compared to the speed without a VPN. In this regard, IPVanish VPN is way better than many other options as it provides only 18% lower speed as compared to the speed without a VPN.

However, the IPVanish could not provide an impressive speed on the U.S. servers, but on other servers, it performed really well.

Simple App and Interface

The installation process is really simple, but you might have to restart your computer after the installation process. This IPVanish review is going to cover each and every important factor that can help you to make a better decision.

No Traffic Logs

Most of the VPN services providers have claimed that they don’t store user’s activity but if you study their policies deeply, you will notice that these claims are not so simple. Somewhere, somehow they are manipulating your data. If you have chosen the wrong services provider, you may end up losing information too. But IPVanish claims that they store not even a single track of user’s activities.

Pros of IPVanish

Here is an overview of some of the great features of IPVanish that you must know in this IPVanish review.

  • Strong Encryption
  • Use Free Web Proxy
  • Supports Torrenting
  • 5 devices are connectable
  • Netflix may be unblocked on some servers

Cons of IPVanish

All is not good about IPVanish. There are some negative points too like:

  • IPVanish is not compatible with TOR
  • The reviews on many other platforms are not very promising
  • Some users have claimed that their chat support is not even professional

If you ask for an expert opinion, we are not sure that if you can choose IPVanish or not. Your choice totally depends upon your requirements. If speed is the only factor that you are looking for, we would recommend it. Otherwise, there is a much better option like NordVpn, or else.


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