AVG Free Antivirus

Not every free antivirus can demonstrate excellent protection against malicious code. Today we’ll look at AVG free, a computer protector with a good reputation. At the very least, user reviews speak of decent application quality.

In short – AVG Antivirus monitors computer security in real time, allows you to detect viruses, and also checks downloaded files. Scanning helps to detect hidden threats like trojans, rootkits and spyware. Internet protection means warning of dangerous links and checking all files downloaded or sent by e-mail.

What is AVG?

Antivirus software package based on AVG Anti Virus is a solution with which you can guarantee the security of computers at home or at work.

High-level protection AVG Antivirus guarantees the security of your computers on the Internet and timely prevents the attacks of viruses, spyware, Internet worms, Trojans and other unwanted software elements.

Countering the AVG software solution is based on the latest LinkScanner technology, which allows you to constantly scan the entire stream of Internet traffic in real time, calculating malicious sites or programs.

AVG is very easy to install, use and is not demanding on the system parameters of the computer.

Anti-virus databases of the Avg Anti-virus system are always up to date thanks to systematic updates from the main server.

AVG software solution includes a scanning element with the function of checking electronic correspondence.

The AVG Anti-Virus program allows you to scan web applications, check electronic correspondence, scan the system for infection, and treat infected objects.

Properties and functions of the antivirus

AVG Antivirus Free is suitable for everyday tasks. It allows you to:

  • find the latest viruses, neutralize your PC from most threats.
  • filter unsafe internet addresses and scan email attachments
  • resolve computer performance conflicts
  • update AVG anti-virus databases for free
  • You can install AVG Free for individual or family use on a computer.

In addition to individual use, AVG provides antivirus solutions for small businesses. They provide security for workstations, file and mail servers, protection on the corporate network and on the Internet, including firewall and anti-spam. All business versions of the antivirus are accompanied by the possibility of centralized remote control, threat alerts by e-mail and free technical support.

What do users say?

If you read the reviews, users complain about the heavy load of the antivirus on iron. The second negative point is that when some modules are disabled in the paid edition of AVG, an error is constantly generated. However, other reviews on AVG, for the most part, are positive.

So, AVG is an anti-virus program that detects and eliminates various cyber threats, and also prevents their penetration into the system. Anti-Virus blocks malware in real time.

It is best to download avg free or a trial version of the paid edition and test the antivirus for several days – a week. If the processor and RAM are OK, problems are unlikely to occur.

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