Bitdefender vs Avast: Which One Should You Use?

The choice of antivirus software apps expanded significantly throughout recent years. The point is to choose the most suitable solution for your situation. In this Bitdefender vs Avast comparison article, we will find out which of two programs is worth your attention more.

Let’s check things out!


Bitdefender is among the very best antivirus software propositions for home users. In addition to being a powerful and effective proposition with perfect detection results and calculations, Bitdefender offers one of the most complete security sets available. Here are only some of its functions:

  • Adjustable and automated real-time protection from all kinds of threats and malware apps;
  • Web security including phishing, spam and fraud protection;
  • Anti-theft opportunities;
  • The instrument kit for optimization;
  • VPN;
  • Parental control;
  • Password manager.

The only bad feature is the relative complexity of the software, causing it to take some time to unpack and install all the necessary modules. In addition, Bitdefender provides most of its functions in a paid version of the app. Still, if you have enough funds in a pocket and are ready to spend time to tune the program appropriately and correctly, you’ll get a really strong antivirus.


Avast offers a set of options for homes, small business companies and big corporations. The price of their solutions also varies. Of course, the most popular is the Avast Free version. The Endpoint Protection defends workstations from malware, scans systems on the load and works in the do-not-disturb mode correctly.

Key features:

  • Additional protection from ransomware that prevents file encryption algorithms from completing their functions;
  • Ability to grade the safety of routers and Wi-Fi connections;
  • Behavior screen for the unknown software;
  • Gaming mode;
  • No phone support
  • Discounts when paying for several years of licensing;
  • Price drop programs for educational facilities.

These were the advantages of Avast in its both free and paid versions. Let’s go in for a bit deeper head-to-head battle of Bitdefender vs Avast.


Bitdefender is a famous brand of antiviruses. Still, this fact does not mean it is the best. Along with Avast, it offers scanning based on behavioral analysis to reveal new, unknown threats. Both antivirus options include phishing, webcam, fraud and ransomware protection, safe password managers.

The difference between two products lies in their price and additional instruments. Bitdefender offers multiple possibilities including the total hardware scanning of USB drives and external storage devices, virtual keyboard to protect your data from keyboard spyware and the SafePay browser to prevent you from providing unprotected websites with the confidential bank card data. The AutoPilot instrument notifies you about the necessary, critical updates. Among all advantages, you should not forget that these instruments consume a lot of system resources and may lower the PC’s performance.

Avast may not have the functions mentioned above, but it offers you the “sandbox” to use files and applications in a virtual environment to lower the potential malware damage significantly. The “Game mode” and “Passive mode” functions switch notifications off and reduce high CPU load to exclude software malfunctions and lags.

Additionally, Avast is significantly cheaper than Bitdefender. Moreover, there exists the outstanding and well-known free version providing everyone with the most critical antivirus threads.


On one side, Bitdefender is an excellent product including a wide set of instruments and functions. On the other side, there is Avast, which is equally effective in countering malware activities but has much lower prices and even free usage options. So, if you need a full-cover set of protection measures wiping the most threads out of the system and preventing them from getting into your PC, then Bitdefender is worth your attention. Still, be ready to pay enough to receive the access. For the basic protection, you’ll doubtfully find something better than Avast Free.

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