Best philosophers

Best philosophers that everyone should know

From ancient times till today humanity keeps trying to recognize it’s place in this world and sense of existing. The study of universal laws of development of the world and society and as well as the system of values ??and thinking processes of the individual called philosophy. Consequently, philosophers are people, who devoted this science their whole life. In all centuries some thinkers forever left their mark in the history of humanity and influenced the development of society. In this article, you will learn about the greatest and best philosophers in the world.

From the dawn of human thought to the present:

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. The most famous philosopher of India. It was he who founded Buddhism, the meaning of which is a renunciation of the towards constancy and suffers. Buddha argued that precisely because of the desire for permanence and lack of it in the world, humanity suffers.

Plato. His teachings focused on the dualism of soul and body. Plato was convinced that the soul is immortal and is a complex and multi-faceted essence.

General Sun Tzu. Warlord of ancient China, famous by his work under the name “Art of war.” Reflections of the Chinese general became motivators for new business personalities. This teaching is also essential for those interested in war, politics, and the arts of strategy.

Lao Tzu. It is believed that he founded Taoism, the idea of ??which is the search for the Path to Harmony.

Confucius. One of the most famous philosophers of the world lived in 500 BC. His teaching was devoted to the importance of family in an individual’s life and its role in society. Based on these teachings, Confucianism was founded, which influenced the religions of Japan, China, and Korea.

Thomas Aquinas. Medieval philosopher and theologian who founded Thomism. The idea of ??Thomism was to help comprehend this dogma of the church through reason.

Rene Descartes. He is called the father of modern philosophy. Descartes was also a great mathematician and physicist. He introduced the concept of rationalism, according to which the primary method of knowledge is the mind.

Niccolo Machiavelli. The philosopher of the Renaissance, who made an invaluable contribution to the development of political philosophy. His famous treatise The Prince teaches how to retain power in all circumstances. He argued that energy cannot be non-virtuous and that the one who is strong remains right.

Voltaire. The French philosopher of the Enlightenment. He is famous for criticizing religion for the fact that its teachings humiliate a human and his dignity. Voltaire was a supporter of humanism and emphasized the importance of responsibility for the actions of humanity and its duty to nature.

John Locke. The British medic was the first to look at the world with skepticism. We can say that it was thanks to him that the popular science trend appeared. He was one of the few who expressed his thought as clearly as possible for anyone who at least knows how to read.

David Hume. Scottish philosopher, whose ideas were based on empiricism and skepticism. He claimed that a human sees the world non-objectively. The vision of the world is based on the faith of a person in what this world should be. It was Hume’s teaching that was the source for the philosophical works of Kant.

Ayn Rand. This woman is originally from Russia but emigrated to the United States. She is famous by ideas about robust capitalism, in which the state has no right to intervene. From its concepts, the trends of liberalism and conservatism were developed.

Of course, this is not all thinkers who developed philosophical science. We named those who were the founders of the primary schools and stages of the evolution of rational thought.

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