High-paying digital marketing jobs

Most demanded and high-paying digital marketing jobs

Digital marketing has bloomed over the past 15 years, turning into an extensive network of branches. More than anywhere we can witness how professions develop and become outdated within a decade and in this fast-changing domain it is important to know which jobs are in the highest demand today and have better prospects. If you are going to enter the trade or retrain for a better Digital marketing job ? the results of our investigation should be helpful, so dive in.

The best of digital marketing

As a more forward-looking job, we will name Virtual Reality Developers. Those who take up the position are now forming a new branch of Digital Marketing and technology in general, so they have to bear a lot of responsibility and obtain vast knowledge. From a newcomer, this will require a technical background and a long time of collecting additional skills and experience but will become a rewarding job in high demand in the future. This position is also among the most high-paid, but the considerable competition makes it hard to fill one in.

At the bottom of the Digital Marketing pyramid, SEO and SEM specialists are located, but this position does not mean they’re inferior. Instead than today, no digital source can develop without the help of such a specialist. The value of a specialist in this field lies within a constant knowledge update. As algorithms for search engines change, companies risk losing their positions to competitors or disappearing from search results, so they strongly depend on experts to keep them afloat. They are also willing to pay for it, so this position remains financially rewarding.

Another talented group of digital marketing specialists is the analysts, who collect different feedback from their target audience and let content creators and managers see where they’re heading with a particular strategy. This is one of those essential professions that has long-lasting importance, as the more digital information we accumulate, the more need there is to analyze it. Along with them go AI specialists who work on automatization of processes and improvement of the analytic capabilities of the machines. One won’t suspect it, but people working in this department are likely to earn more than any other in the DM sphere.

But if the previous positions require specific knowledge of algorithms and tools, there has to be a more general guideline towards which that knowledge is to be applied. And Content Managers and Strategists are in charge of that, using the information from the analysts and navigating the efforts of SEO specialists. They don’t only create content and adapt it to corresponding sources; they also need to manage and store the vast variety of it and be always in tune with their target audience. It is a position with much more responsibility but also with much higher pay.
Finally, putting all of these professionals in one tight-knit team requires knowledge and understanding of every profession, so in a way Director is the best Digital Marketing job. It combines vast experience and practices with the ability to intake and apply new information on a nearly daily basis.

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