iPhone X Silver vs. Space Grey

Which design to choose?

iPhone is not only a smart gadget but also a visit card of its owner. Recently, Apple introduced a new model iPhone X. The smartphone is available in two colors: silver and space gray. It is not yet known will the company produce models of other colors shortly or not. And although the functionality of these two types is not different, the color still has an absolute value.

Of course, each person decides by himself, which color to prefer. But if you have doubts and cannot to make a decision, we can tell you about the pros and cons for each color of iPhone X.
iPhone X Silver: nobility of style

Everyone, who likes light colors will be interested in stylish iPhone X Silver. Moreover, many people are sure, that silver is a perfect color for the iPhone. And it’s right in part because silver has some visual properties:
it is bright and striking silver is associated with nobility and modernity perfect for arty and refined people
So, from one side silver will be an excellent decision for people, want to draw attention to themselves and to highlight their style. From the other such design of smartphone has its nuances:
light colors always show the dirt
silver models show fingerprints on corpus
someone find this color as ?dirty-white.’
deficit model
Therefore, if you like a silver smartphone, be prepared for the fact that you will have to monitor the purity of the gadget. At observance of leaving your iPhone will give you brightness and style.

iPhone X Space Grey: Elegant classics and practicality

Connoisseurs of dark colors and shades also will not remain disappointed. iPhone X Space Grey has an elegant gray color with the dark shadow. It can be said that the smartphone has a black design color, but in fact, it differs from Jet Black. Such type has some practical advantages:
laconic and classic design
the dark color can hide dirt, scratches, and fingerprints
highlights high status
suitable for business people
We can say that iPhone X Space Gray can be a universal solution for all who can not decide on the choice of design.
As you know, the classics are appropriate anytime and anywhere, so if you need a stylish and unpretentious style phone, this model will suit you. Also, this model requires care not less than silver. It is also necessary to wipe the phone from fingerprints, and monitor the cleanliness especially if you wear a phone without a case.

Nobody can say which of these two models is better: iPhone X Silver or iPhone X Space Gray. The choice of design is an individual matter. In any case, no matter what phone you choose, the most important thing is to make it pleasing to your eyes. So, select only the model that you especially like first. Also, the front case of these two models looks similar.

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